Nashville Chimney Repairs & Masonry Repair

Chimney Cap Repair and Replacement

пол второго это сколько времени After years of use, chimney top chase covers should be replaced to prevent potential water damage to the home or inside the chimney structure.

Chimney and Chimney Cap Repair

подписание трудового контракта Just like many systems around your home, a chimney will eventually need some repairs or updating. With most chimneys being made up of masonry materials and metal, its exposure to fire, moisture, and the elements can cause many or some of its parts to fail. Since the integrity of your home and safety of your family are dependent upon the safe operation of your chimney, it is important to take care of any needed repairs quickly and efficiently. At Chimney Master, we are here to help. No matter your chimney repair needs, our experienced technicians will evaluate your chimney and make recommendations for only what is needed to keep your chimney operating safely, and protect it from weather damage.

сонник держать щуку в руках It is also very common for homeowners to have leaks in or around their chimneys both during the rainy season and throughout the year. Evidence of water leaking can be evident in staining, sagging ceilings, drips, rusty dampers, wet ashes in the firebox, or odors coming from the chimney. Our years of experience aid as we hunt down the root cause of your problem. We examine the flashing, the roof around the chimney, the chimney cap and of course the condition of the chimney itself. We can even examine the resistance to water of the brick and mortar itself and apply treatments if deemed necessary. No chimney is alike, and neither is every leak, so let us give your leaky chimney an evaluation before water takes its toll on your home.

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Chimney and Chimney Cap Repair спутниковый интернет нтв плюс This chimney shows signs of deterioration due to lack of maintenance, which can drastically shorten the lifespan of the chimney.

Crown Repairs

Chimney crown repairs are one of the most common repairs needed on chimneys. Years of weather exposure can leave the top surface, or crown, of your chimney cracked and loose. Once this cracking has taken place, water can penetrate into the chimney structure and allow for more serious structural damage. Chimney Master can accurately inspect and repair your chimney crown, preventing this small problem from becoming a big headache.

Chimney Caps

When the standard chimney cap does not fit the chimney or isn’t appropriate, Chimney Master has the expertise to recommend and install the appropriate chimney cap for any chimney or vent. Special caps (for large or unusual sizes), copper caps, wind directional and draft inducing caps and UL Listed caps for manufactured fireplaces are all available from our trained staff. We can even install damper caps that help prevent heat loss and will reduce your heating bills!


As with anything, dampers can wear out with age. Many times they become difficult to operate and allow for severe air leaks, robbing your home of valuable heating/cooling. In many instances, we can install energy efficient top sealing dampers that completely seal off your chimney from the elements and other living creatures. This not only saves you money, but also gives you the peace of mind that your chimney is protected. If this will not suit your needs, we also carry replacement part for most dampers on the market today, as well as discontinued models.