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Chimney Master Nashville Sweep страна где заседает кувенд сканворд 7 букв It may sound simple, but having your chimney cleaned yearly is one of the most important aspects of preventative maintenance and safety. A thorough cleaning by our experienced staff will keep your chimney functioning and your family safe all year round. While a chimney is designed to contain and remove harmful substances resulting from the fuel burning, it will also build up residue over time leading to possible blockages and fires. A trained chimney sweep can safely and properly remove these deposits so that your chimney can do its job effectively and safely. shop click перевод

существует ли магия и как ей научиться Our top to bottom cleaning includes the sweeping of the cap, flue, smoke chamber, smoke shelf, damper, and firebox (or stove) area. The cleaning done with specialty brushes varies in size and material depending on the nature of the creosote or soot deposits. Prior to the cleaning, a large white drop cloth is laid in front of the fireplace opening so nothing is tracked on any carpeting during the sweeping process. The heart of the sweeping system is a high efficiency chimney vacuum that continuously runs during the sweeping process for proper dust control and containment. We guarantee that there will be no residual messes created or left behind.

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